• Grante — NFC (never from concentrate) natural juices from the very heart of Azerbaijan

  • Azerbaijan is the birthplace of pomegranate.
    There are no other countries in the world
    besides Azerbaijan where all species of
    this royal fruit grow.
  • Geokchay is the capital of pomegranates
    in Azerbaijan. Here, in an ecologically clean
    and picturesque area, a truly delicious
    and full of vitamins Grante juice is produced


  • The AZNAR factory was
    founded in 1969 and has its own
    huge pomegranate plantations.

  • Possessing 1,000 hectares of pomegranate
    trees and harvesting 1,000 tons of pomegranates,
    the AZNAR factory annually provides
    incomparable in taste pomegranates.
  • Only ripe and juicy pomegranates
    are used in the production of NFC
    natural Grante juices.


  • The pomegranates from Geokchay belong to
    the best pomegranates in the world.

  • The nutritious properties and
    the secret of the taste of Geokchay pomegranates
    lie in the nature, where they grow.

  • All grant’s parts are extremely useful.
    Juice has healing properties,
    and pomegranate oil is indispensable
    in cosmetology and medicine.