About Grante

For a long life. From heart…

There is no magic button for easy 'health activation'. But there are scientifically and time proved methods that help stay in the best health and excellent well-being. Drinking natural juices perfectly complements daily healthy diet, helps maintain good immunity and encourages weight loss.

Grante principle is producing natural juices and preserving maximum vitamins and beneficial elements.

A great range of juices can be found on grocery store shelves but not all of them are equally good and healthy. The manufactured juice quality depends on many things such as:  

  • fruit cultivation
  • cleaning
  • juice manufacturing technology
  • factory equipment level
  • quality control at all manufacturing stages
  • packaging type
  • pasteurization method
  • Manufacturer experience and history

Grante has got all these things under control!  

Grante brand is the synonym of naturality  

And 100% natural pomegranate juice Grante, as an example, can prove this statement. It contains more antioxidants then any other drinks, red wine or green tea. It is high in thiamine (vitamin В1), contains riboflavine, flavonoids and 15 amino acids. Pomegranate juice tannins prevent stomach ulcer and pectin binds all wastes and toxins and carries them out of the body, thus detoxing and purifying it.

The brand Grante was one of the first to produce pomegranate juices not from concentrate. Natural pomegranate juice Grante is made from pomegranates grown and picked in the gardens of the unique ecology and microclimate area - Geokchay district in Azerbaijan.

The gardens occupy an area of 1 000 hectars and annually produce 1 000 tones of pomegranates with incomparable flavour qualities.

Special sorts of pomegranates are grown by Azerbaijani breeders and selected for Grante juice manufacturing: “Guloysha”, “Nazik gabig”, “Girmizi gabig” and others.

Using the direct extraction technology to make juice directly from fresh fruits enables to preserve useful contents of fruits, it makes Grante extremely delicious.

Grante natural juices are manufactured at the AZNAR factory – an innovative automated manufacturing complex. Significant investments in manufacturing, many years of vast experience, commitment to innovations enable to produce goods of the highest quality and deliver them all over the world: the United States of America, Canada, Poland, Czech Republic, Israel, Australia, Russia, Belarus and many other countries where Grante natural juices are sold.

There are entire generations of people working at AZNAR factory!

The choice of Grante beverages is extensive because every fruit has a unique vitamin combination that can not be the same in any other product. Grape and apple juices, known to be the most well liked juices, were among the first to be produced. Later, grape-apple juice, pomegranate-grape juice and quince juice became available for purchase.

Now the range of Grante natural juices
includes 9 varieties of NFC juice:

Grante juices are bottled in glass bottles of 0,75L and 0,25L. Juices in small bottles are often chosen for children as they need vitamins for their growth and development. Grante juice is a “vitamin bomb” free of sugar, colourants and preservatives.

When choosing a Grante juice, you can be sure to buy a natural product, not a substitute!  

The natural juices Grante can perfectly complement a healthy diet and they are recommended for pregnant women and children.