About Grante

Long experience of manufacturing
development and improvement

The whole range of Grante juices is produced at the AZNAR factory located in Azerbaijan and justifiably considered to be the economical symbol of the country. The factory is a large contributor to the national economy, focusing on advanced manufacturing technologies and health research, organic manufacturing and development of international relations.

Up-to-date technologies and modernization guarantee the high quality level of our goods. The brand Grante was one of the first to produce pomegranate juices not from concentrate. Special sorts of pomegranates are selected for Grante juices manufacturing: “Guloysha”, “Bala Mursal”, “Nazik gabig”, “Shah nar”, “Girmizi gabig”. They are growing in Geokchay district – the ecologically favourable area with a unique microclimate and soil composition. Only fresh fruits are accepted for processing. Juice extraction with pneumatic membrane presses followed by gentle processing enables to preserve all vitamins and natural flavour of Azerbaijani pomegranates.

The AZNAR factory, an effective modern manufacturing enterprise, includes the following manufacturing elements:

  • Three lines of preliminary processing of raw material with output of 20 tonnes per hour, and the equipment complex for juice processing and ultrafiltration;
  • The line of juice sterilization and storage in aseptic tanks;
  • The climbing film evaporator for juice concentration;
  • The line of aseptic packaging of concentrated juice in large Aseptic bags, with capacity of 220 L.;
  • Two lines of juice bottling in glass bottles of 1,0 L, 0,75 L, 0,33 L and 0,25 L, pasteurization and packaging in cardboard boxes and heat-shrinkable film;
  • The equipment set for tannin extraction from pomegranate peel;
  • Cold storage chambers (1100 m2) for concentrated juice stored at t = -18°C and fresh fruits at t = (+5) – (-2)°C;
  • The line of jam and confiture production.

Carefully selected raw materials, strict observance of sanitary and hygenic norms at the enterprise and closed-circuit manufacturing process, the fundamental distinctive feature of our factory, enable to follow its mission – preservation of natural fruit taste and useful elements in our be. Minimum air contact during juice extraction process, processing and bottling directly at the enterprise prevent excessive oxidation processes. It is very important for preservation of the juice quality and flavour. 

The laboratory at the AZNAR factory is an important element of the quality management system, it provides complex chemical, technical and bacteriological control of the factory production. The laboratory is equipped with the most advanced equipment and consists of three main sections:

  • The tasting room (control of product organoleptic parameters );
  • The chemical section (chemical analysis and control);
  • The microbiological section with the growth chamber and the incubator.

The overall quality control at all manufacturing stages guarantees unique flavour and ingredients of Grante juices with no added flavourings, sugar, artificial colourants, chemical preservatives. Grante products are awarded with a gold medal “Innovations in product composition” at the exhibition “Innovative product Prodexpo 2009”. The award proves the constantly high quality level of the goods made with modern technologies and satisfying high consumer demands.

Surely the main value of our factory are the people whose love of the Geokchay pomegranates and thorough knowledge of profession mean as much as the advanced equipment. The core of the factory personnel are the people working since the date of its establishment in 1969. These experts know everything about pomegranates and their processing. Heads of main divisions and sections as well as many technical experts have more than a quarter-century experience at the enterprise. With no exception, all employees are constantly raising the qualification level and trying hard to provide the consumer with fresh pomegranate juice as if squeezed with their own hands – pure, delicious and healthy.