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Coconut milk
NO preservatives

The product, obtained as a result of squeezing the pulp of coconut and water, gives a special exquisite pleasure. Aromatic, refreshing, with a gentle creamy taste and delicate aroma of tropical fruit, coconut milk is indispensable for the people with intolerance to animal components (lactose). It consists of not more than 5% of vegetable proteins, easily digestible fats, and sugars of natural origin. Coconut milk is valued for its low-calorie content. It is the leader according to the content of vitamin B12, which eliminates signs of fatigue. It is made without sugar, does not contain gluten and lactose. Thanks to a convenient package, light and nutritious coconut milk is easy to take to work, to study, or on the road.

Bottled in:
0.25 l


Water, coconut milk, sugar, emulsifier, stabilizer, coconut flavor.

Nutrition Facts
per 100ml serving:

Energy(kcal): 62kcal
Total Fat (g): 1.4g 
Saturated Fat (g): 1.0g 
Trans Fat (g): 0g 
Cholesterol (mg): 0mg 
Sodium (mg): 30mg 1
Total Carbohydrate (g): 11.8g 
Dietary Fiber ( g): 0g 
Total Sugar (g): 6.5 g
Includes Added Sugars: 3g 
Protein (g): 0.5g 
Potassium (mg): 20mg 
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