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Chia seeds drink with mangosteen juice
NO preservatives

A refreshing drink, a novelty of the coming year, is squeezed out of the pulp of exotic fruits. He helps quickly restores strength, gives a charge of vivacity. The cocktail, enriched with healing chia seeds, in addition to the excellent taste has the ability to stabilize the immune system; it contributes to weight loss. Juicy and ripe mangosteen fruits, called the king of tropical fruits, are gathered under the hot sun of the Indochina Peninsula. Then they undergo a thorough selection, sorting, and quality control. Healing elixir is produced without sweeteners and colorants. Mangosteen and chia is a unique drink of healthy nutrition, a product of the XXI century, which must certainly become an integral part of the diet of people who care for their health.

Bottled in:
0.25 l


Water, mangosteen juice, chia seeds, sugar, thickener, citric acid, ascorbic acid, mangosteen flavor.

Nutrition Facts
per 100ml serving:

Energy(kcal): 46kcal 
Total Fat (gram): 0g 
Saturated Fat (gram): 0g 
Trans Fat (gram): 0g 
Choleterol (mg): 0mg 
Sodium (mg): 30mg 
Carbohydrates: 11.5g 
Diatary Fiber (g): 0g 
Total Sugars: 11.3g
Includes Added Sugars: 7g 
Protein(gram): 0g 
Vitamin C(mg): 5.5mg 
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