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Grante 100% natural NFC juices

All the best from the nature of Azerbaijan is represented in Grante juices. The direct extraction with membrane presses and the closed-circuit manufacturing process with strong quality control from picking to packing enables to provide the customer with a unique taste, useful components and vitamins of Azerbaijani fruits.  

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Our juices are produced during the harvest season, when fresh fruits are delivered to the specialized factory in Azerbaijani town Geokchay. Afterwards, juice is gently extracted with pneumatic membrane presses from the carefully selected fruits. Such juice extraction method enables preservation of more useful properties of fruits rather than grinding and juice extraction with screw presses commonly used at other manufacturing enterprises. Even more, thanks to the closed-circuit technological manufacturing scheme juice has minimum contact with air that enables to avoid excessive oxidation processes and provides the unique quality of our juice. As a result, the juice Grante has an excellent taste and maximum nutrients and vitamins. The juices Grante are free of sugar, flavouring, colourants and preservatives.  

100% Juices Grante Tropic
Grante Tropic is 100% natural juice with a great taste of fresh tropical fruits from Vietnam. Grante concept is I LOVE JUICE. The symbol of love "I LOVE" became an international meme. People use it everywhere: installations, T-shirts, caps, everywhere. This symbol is so installed in the head of an ordinary person that it has become an integral part of the cultural image of man. The concept of Grant Tropic is a love continuation. Natural sugar-free juice with a unique taste of Avocado (the Coca-Cola Company released a cola without sugar in April 2016. Grante supports this trend). We give the buyer a wide choice of natural products with a unique taste. Excellent design. The composition is 100% natural ingredients.
Pomegranate sauce Narsharab
Pomegranate sauce «Narsharab»

Narsharab is made from juice of sour garden and wild pomegranate varieties which make its tangy sour pomegranate taste.

The sauce perfectly complements meat dishes and is very popular in haute cuisine.

The Narsharab sauce is a perfect complement both to meat and fish dishes. It can be used as a marinade, salad dressing or even an addition to desserts.


Pomegranate seed oil
Organic pomegranate seed oil

The 100% natural pomegranate oil is extracted from pomegranate seeds by the most advanced СО2 extraction technology .

Pomegranate seed oil posesses powerful antioxidant properties, provides beauty and health benefits and it is rich in punicic acid. Scientific studies have shown that punicic acid boosts the immune system and helps conquer cancer, diabetes, obesity and heart diseases.


Granat nectars

Fruit, vegetable and berries nectars and juices of the brand Grante can gratify the most sophisticated demands of consumers. The distinctive feature of our nectars is the high level of valuable elements and vitamins and preserved natural taste.

Not every fruit and vegetable can be used for juice processing. Some of them are too sour or sweet and some do not contain enough liquid for juice extraction. But it would be unjust to deprive people of drinks made from these fruits and vegetables. That's why the company Grante created a variety of different tastes and mixes based on natural purees and juices with added water.