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Grante LLC

Dear partners and clients, we are always glad to cooperate and opened to dialogue! 
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AZNAR CJSC, named after Teymur Akhmadov
120 Natavan str., Goychay, Azerbaijan, AZ2300
Tel.: +99 2027 405 17

Sales office Russia, Belarus 
Grante LLC, 9/1 Solyanka str., Moscow, 109028
Tel.: +7 495 215 08 49

Sales office in Azerbaijan
AZURE BUSINESS CENTER, 15 Nobel Avenue, Baku, AZ 1025
Tel.: +99 412 488 64 83

Sales office in Kazakhstan 
Office 214, 48a Ruskulova Avenue, Almaty
Tel.: +7727 327 45 95, Mob.: +7747 990 90 90

International sales (USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, etc.)
Tel. +7 967 053 05 70

Warehouse in Europe
Trnová 265, Praha-Zapad, PSČ 25210, Czech Republic
Tel. +7 967 053 05 70

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