Facts about Grante

The pomegranate is not only a tasty fruit, but also
of vitamins and minerals. The pomegranates contain everything
your body and mind need to keep you healthy and fit.

Way back in the ancient times it was known as an edible and medicinal plant. Historians write that Hippocrates used pomegranate juice to treat his patients. Legendary oriental emperors, medieval kings and Russian tsars demanded pomegranates for their meals.

The constant use of garnet strengthens the immune system, improves the bleeding and stabilize the pressure.
Vitamins B and P strengthen the nervous system and improve the function of the body.
A large amount of antioxidants contained in the garnet is vital to people living in polluted metropolitan areas or in areas affected by radioactive contamination.

The juice of pomegranates is present 15 amino acids, 6 of which are in addition to garnet found only in meat products and are essential for the normal functioning of the body and are necessary for a healthy diet. Therefore, if you are a vegetarian and eat only vegetable and dairy food, the grenades - this is the fruit that should always be on your desk.