Facts about Grante

The pomegranate tree spread across the globe, but Azerbaijan is the only country in the world where all sorts of this "paradise apple" are cultivated.

The history of Azerbaijan is inseparably connected with cultivating pomegranates, extending deep into the centuries. Under the sunny Azerbaijan amazing and diverse climate there can be identified nine are as with climatic conditions that slightly differ from each other. And this factor has contributed to cultivating of almost all species of pomegranate. Azerbaijan is the only country in the world, where all sorts of this royal fruit grow.
Azerbaijan is able to gather the harvest of more than 40,000 tons of juicy and delicious pomegranates!
The pomegranate is considered to be one of the most useful fruit and the pomegranate juice contains a complex of vitamins and minerals with minimal calories. Pomegranate is the national symbol of Azerbaijan, that’s why a special holiday is held every autumn devoted to this king of fruits. It is called the Pomegranate Festival.