Facts about Grante

The plant selection breeders of the AZNAR factory brought
three of the most delicious and the most common species of pomegranates:

Gyulosha Azerbaijan. The average fruit weight makes 300-400 grams. The peel of the fruit is pinkish-red in color, thin and shiny. The grains are large and have saturated bright red sour-sweet juice. The content of sugar reaches 20%. The acid content makes 1.8%. The fruits ripen in October and can be stored up to 3months.

Kyrmyzy-kabuh. Azerbaijani species of the pomegranate of the outstanding quality and with high yield. The fruit is large and makes from 350 to 400 grams. It is bright red in color and has a spherical shape. The grains are also large. The juice is of red color and has a sweet-sour taste. In the production of juice it can be obtained up to 45% from a single fruit. The sugar content makes up to 14.5% and the acid reaches 2.1%.The fruits ripen in the mid or late October and could be stored up to 5 months.

Nasik-kabuh. A local Azerbaijani species. The fruits are large. They weigh up to 400 grams and are of dark red color. The peel is thin, but the grains are large. One can get 48.8% of juice from one fruit, which tastes sour-sweet. The juice contains up to 12.3% of sugar and up to 2.6% of acid. The fruits ripen in the early or middle of October and can be stored up to 4 months. The cropping capacity is high.