Press Room

22 October 2017


Have you been to Baku? Bring home a part of Azerbaijan, buying AZNAR products in Duty Free.

Azerbaijan is the land of long-livers, the place where the recipes are passed from mouth to mouth from mother to daughter, remaining unchanged for centuries. Residents of the country do not use preservatives and dyes for the production of sauces, dishes and desserts, only natural products are used, which the country is rich in.

Spicy pilaf, lyulya-kebab (minced lamb kebab), oily gutab (flatbread filled with meat or vegetable), kebab, spicy fish, a variety of vegetable salads, which are filled with local original sauces ... For dessert is sour sorbet and walnut shekerboura (sweet crescent shape pastries), which can be served in the best European restaurants.

If you, intoxicated by these delicacies and hospitality of local residents and forgot to buy presents for your friends and relatives, then do it right away at the Heydar Aliyev International Airport! Since recently, you can purchase products of the Azerbaijani plant Aznar in Duty Free.

Bring home the traditional sauce Narsharab (pomegranate sauce) or natural pomegranate juice Grante, pomegranates for which gathered in Geokchay - the best region of the country and where the plant Aznar is located.

Pomegranate juice is a carefree source of useful things, and a sauce prepared according to the original recipe will perfectly complement the taste of fish, meat, poultry or salad.

Get 100% natural Azerbaijani delicacies, which will be a wonderful gift!